Monday, September 10, 2007

edina stress

have you noticed ever that edina constantly runs at high speed? what ever happend to play time for children- or just rest time for adults and teenagers. has it occured to anyone that people do have learning capabilities after the age of 24? We really dont need to know anything and everything right now. we try and stuff so much into our days that we have no time to just sit and enjoy life- enjoy our familys or friends- or this amazing experience of enjoying being alone.
i had a ninth grader showed up for moring study before my apush exams last year- A NINTH GRADER! that is a 14 year old girl who is taking college courses. You know the way we work- the further we push in that direction- the quicker it will become the standard. college word was origionally meant to be taken in college... go figure huh? we are supposed to enjoy highschool- all nighters, constant stress, and the constant worry if you arnt at a 4.0 are supposed to be saved for college. we are goign to be burned out by the time we reach it.

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